ava bLaCk666: Sup world
ava Maryam: huh me smiley
ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
Fellow 2wapperz. somebody want to destroy the peace on 2wap by causing a fight. Have a look at this:
(17:59) Sun, 21 Aug 22
Why didn't you make a screenshot of the messages you sent to me? Anyways, my God is watching... We will see the end...
(08:30) Wed, 31 Aug 22
What did i do to deserve such pain. You hate me, no doubts. But don't make others hate me for what they don't know
(08:27) Wed, 31 Aug 22
This is inhuman... If i'm to wish for anything, it would be for me to leave this world. You've caused me too much pain..
(08:25) Wed, 31 Aug 22