ava Trycera_Paul: Goodevenin to u to my love abhiraj
ava ABHIRAJ: Good Evening Trycera Paul my sweetheart my lovesmiley
ava ABHIRAJ: Good morning my love my sweetheart Trycera Paul 🫂
When a man or woman get married, then he or she begins their life, with great love n devotions,they will be scared to cheat their partners,but its seems,for some people it's a fun to cheat their loving partners,its more like cheating Yourself, trust me,imagine sharing between two is really ridiculous,sleeping or sex chatting you think it's a joke or fun.no it's cheating yourself, nothing more than that
(14:00) Sun, 17 Oct 21
Cheating is not easy to men's side
(16:43) Thu, 18 Nov 21
Cheating to your partner it's a big mistake. Be loyal and be faithful to your partner and you can earn a healthy life and happy relationship...
(14:35) Thu, 18 Nov 21
Cheating your husband or your ur wife is very easy going now,same thing theirs husband or wife should do with cheaters like them,why should they bare this cheating alone
(09:29) Fri, 22 Oct 21
Yes that's right,it a cheating to yourself, no one else,
(07:45) Mon, 18 Oct 21
Right !!!
(14:04) Sun, 17 Oct 21