ava ABHIRAJ: Good evening sweetie,
Sunset reminds me of your cheerful face my sweetheart Trycera Paul 💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
ava ABHIRAJ: May the possibilities of a new day lighten your step and warm your heart today my love Trycera, welcome 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
ava Anitta: Good morning everyone have a great day
I am thinking about a reunion of old users....
Those days were amazing
Chatroom was a place where we fight, chat. Cracked jokes and most of us made friends over there.

Leave it...
Conclusion is -
Tell me when u will be available date and time.... Then I will manage a common timing for all that most of us can come and celebrate that reunion day.... (don't forget to call your friends who are not active nowadays)

Hurry up
Let's make chatroom live at least for a day...... 😊
(08:49) Sat, 21 Sep 19
(06:20) Thu, 11 Aug 22
Hi all i have been gone so long who can remember me my user name was Mel and i was a moderator long ago. Hope to find a name i remember
(19:03) Thu, 21 Jul 22
is like we are all back
(08:57) Fri, 6 May 22
It's been 12yrs since I came here, I have missed u guys
(05:28) Mon, 11 Apr 22
I guess I qualify then! Lol!
(16:18) Sun, 29 Sep 19
Quote: LostProphet: How older users we talking? Lol!
at least 3 weeks old I'd guess. Can't imagine many staying longer than that now. 3 weeks deserves a reunion.
(17:55) Fri, 27 Sep 19
How older users we talking? Lol!
(16:32) Fri, 27 Sep 19
Available on any weekend. Let me know..if it's a reunion of any kind, i definitely want to be a part of it.
(13:00) Tue, 24 Sep 19
Very good bro i support you smiley
(21:47) Sat, 21 Sep 19
Just ping m..smiley
(17:45) Sat, 21 Sep 19
(16:25) Sat, 21 Sep 19
Good efforts brother, keep moving. We 2wap team shoulder to shoulder are with you.
(15:57) Sat, 21 Sep 19
Nice to reunion so that we new users could gain some thing out of it.. I will be there.
(14:33) Sat, 21 Sep 19
Nice move..may be good for us...let me know when..l will be there
(14:19) Sat, 21 Sep 19
I,ll be available when you want me!
(14:05) Sat, 21 Sep 19