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ava Rebellion: love you
Happy dearest birthday, to one and only, the most gorgeous man in the universe; Liam. May God bless you, shower you with happiness, good health and prosperity. Amin. May you always be in the guidance and protection of the Almighty..

Thank you very much for everything sayang, for Luke, for loving me, and for everything else.. I love you with all my heart Liam..
(12:46) Sun, 20 Jan 19
i mean like happy belated birthday then, liam. Kisses to luke of course
(20:01) Fri, 25 Jan 19
seriously fecking confused
(19:58) Fri, 25 Jan 19
happy birthday big bro! wishing you more success and may the Lord grant all your wishes.

May this year plan of you come to pass, Amen
(18:43) Sun, 20 Jan 19
Thank you for everything sayang smiley I love you so very much too... smiley
(17:21) Sun, 20 Jan 19
smiley sayang smiley
(15:30) Sun, 20 Jan 19