ava zugzwang: latvian gambit DRAWN
ava zugzwang: latvian gambit
ava AARUSHROY22: akshxta ji i miss u
say yes to tree
plant a tree for you're generation future. ⬇
no tree ❌🌲
no oxygen 🌅🌅
no rain ⛅
no water 💧
no life 🌚
no you and me
so tree is very important part of our life ..we must save our life to plant atleast one tree 🌲🌳🌴
(12:16) Thu, 6 Sep 18
Planting a 🌲 is an act of kindness and I believe no act of kindness is ever wasted..
(22:43) Thu, 6 Sep 18
Save many living creatures by planting trees.
(18:50) Thu, 6 Sep 18