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Hello, friends!
I used to be a regular here - maybe 10 years ago?
I see that many have left 🙁 But some I recognise are still here! 🙂

I’ve got a little private celebration coming up... On September 8th 2018, at 10AM British time, it will be exactly one (1) year I stopped smoking.
If this doesn’t sound like a big deal - well, I must add that before that I was an addicted smoker for 40 (yes, 4 decades) years. I started smoking as a kid, it was the times back then when you just did.
I decided to make a change when my health concerning my heart and lungs noticeably declined.
A year ago, while smoking the last cigarette, I sometimes walked 6 miles, and it had become a big thing to do that because I lost my breath and felt ill. Now, after a year of no smoking, I walk 16 miles and don’t even make half the effort to do that.
I can breathe again, and my heartbeat I don’t even notice!
Another thing...I wake up in the morning not coughing, not suffocating, and - having to get up because I must use the toilet. - Smoking constipates you permanently, you need to smoke to be able to use the toilet. By not smoking for a year, my body has gone back to its normal, healthy functions like when I was a kid.
If you’re young, my honest recommendation is, don’t start smoking; but if you’re young and have started - stop now, don’t wait 40 years!
No longer smoking, even after almost a lifetime, is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long, long time!
It takes two days to get over the worst withdrawal, and then things begin to look marvellous!
(23:28) Sun, 2 Sep 18
Quote: Crocodile: wow Themouse is topics are still on the top....very good...👍👍
wow Themouse topics are still on the top....very good...👍👍
(11:26) Thu, 6 Sep 18
wow Themouse is topics are still on the top....very good...👍👍
(11:24) Thu, 6 Sep 18
Congrats brother to get rid of you smoking habit and smiley backsmiley
(15:34) Mon, 3 Sep 18
Good courageous efforts..nice for your good health. .l dont smoke att all..nice advise..thanks
(10:46) Mon, 3 Sep 18
Many number gave you for that topic
(09:12) Mon, 3 Sep 18
Very Good !!!
(00:59) Mon, 3 Sep 18