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This forum is for topics in general, including news, social matters, relationships, lifestyle and more. As you may know however we have over a dozen public forums and so it isn't always easy to know where to post a topic! If you're not sure you can just post here and if it belongs elsewhere we'll move it there.

Here are some guidelines for posting in General Area:

- We encourage originality, so request that topics in this forum are in your own words and not copied from elsewhere. Copy-pasted topics may be moved to another forum even if they have content suitable for General Area, with the possible exception of important news stories.

- Poems, stories, morals, quotes and other inspirational type topics belong in our Creative Work forum. You may post them in General Area but they will be moved to Creative Work.

- News involving phones and computer technology should be go in Phones/PCs/Apps

- Please don't call out any topics you think shouldn't be in General Area. Instead send me a message and I'll look into it for you

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(19:26) Sun, 24 Jan 16