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Sony have launched USB On-The-
Go (OTG) flash drives for smartphones and tablets.

Sony'sdual-USB flash drive comes with Micro-USB
and Type A USB 2.0 connectors for sharing and
storing content in Android devices. The Sony USB
flash drive for smartphones and tablets can be
used with Android devices with USB flash drive
connectivity using Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. The company also notes
that the device is planned for future compatibility
with Android 4.4 KitKat.

The new 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Sony flash drive will
be made available for *19.99, *29.99 and *62.99
from the official online store in January 2014 in 3
different cap colours.

Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media
marketing, Sony Electronics said that these new
drives combine convenience, peace of mind and
performance and are perfect for mobile multi-
(03:15) Sun, 15 Dec 13
great idea,i like it.
(03:03) Sat, 28 Dec 13
(06:47) Mon, 16 Dec 13
Will It Be Suitable for ICS 4.0 Android?
(05:57) Sun, 15 Dec 13
Finally it has come.
(04:32) Sun, 15 Dec 13
Nokia has always been the one to innovate first. Did you read the article about Nokia android phones, I think it will only be forked android. Nothing else.
Quote: Eeprom: i have this already in nokia symbian 3 phones it uses a short nokia usb OTG lead imageto which you plug into phone then insert your normal flashdrive into smiley very convient i keep a 16gb drive full of s^3 software for reinstall stuffs ,before this usb on the go used to keep all the backups on the phones memory card
(04:31) Sun, 15 Dec 13