ava ABHIRAJ: Welcome my sweetheart pretty Trycera Paul my love 👗👗👗👗👗👗👗
ava Trycera_Paul: Goodmornin and welcome my love abhiraj
ava ABHIRAJ: Good morning my sweetheart Trycera Paul n welcome 🫂 🫂 🫂
Love makes your life beautiful. Itis the best feeling in the world to love and being loved.Loving someone gives meaning to your life. Everyone of us fall in love. We start experiencing love whenwe are born. Our first love is our mother who takes care of us, who feed us and teach us everything. We love our father and siblings.
(03:35) Sat, 9 Mar 13
True luv z d luv 4rm God
(08:18) Sat, 9 Mar 13
True love is only the mother's love.
(05:15) Sat, 9 Mar 13
Some teenagers get dejected and lose their focus, lose their interest in studies. This is not desirable.Love is a deep sea of emotions. There are delightful moments, glad feelings which make you happy. Also there are tears, depressions, disappointment fornot being reciprocated in the same way.

(03:39) Sat, 9 Mar 13
Hence this feeling of love starts by loving our family. Then many people come in our lives who deserve to be loved especially our friends.Teenage love is the most amazing type of love which is experienced by almost everyone.Lovers develop feelings for each other they never ever had. Life becomes Paradise. Problems start when you fall in love with aguy/gal and everything doesnt go well.
(03:36) Sat, 9 Mar 13