ava ABHIRAJ: Welcome my sweetheart pretty Trycera Paul my love 👗👗👗👗👗👗👗
ava Trycera_Paul: Goodmornin and welcome my love abhiraj
ava ABHIRAJ: Good morning my sweetheart Trycera Paul n welcome 🫂 🫂 🫂
A University should not be merely an institution for higher learning which turns out clerks and technicians who can run the machinery of the state. The aim of education is not merely to communicate knowledge. It should form tastes leading to the culture of the soul. Culture is different from knowledge. Knowledge is of the mind ; culture is of the soul. Plato said that the first and fairest thing that the best of men can ever have is the culture of the soul.
(04:55) Fri, 10 Aug 12
Knowledge bro.
(02:01) Sat, 16 Feb 13
Soul culture hmm never heard
(01:42) Tue, 4 Sep 12
I gave you 3O%.
(05:14) Sat, 1 Sep 12
I agree with u.
(12:48) Mon, 13 Aug 12
Quote: jacki: *Yeah, ur rite smiley

thanks dear friend wow
(06:18) Fri, 10 Aug 12
*Yeah, ur rite smiley
(06:03) Fri, 10 Aug 12