ava Smarty: In which non-mechanical sport is the highest speed reached (9 chars)
ava saahir: Scout
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to saahir for the correct answer.
Hi people,

What are your top 5 TV series?
Please take your time and name them.

Mine are
1. Big Bang Theory/TVF Pitchers
2. The walking dead
3. Game of Thrones/Marvel's Daredevil
4. Mr Robot
5. (Still deciding on this spot)
(07:03) Sun, 28 Aug 16
Quote: krack:

Nagin smiley
season 3 vi aan Wala Hun oda smiley
(16:24) Wed, 11 Apr 18
I am yet to watch Narcos and Sherlock also Breaking Bad
Quote: outlaw: Yes, sir. Checking it out. Your recommendations are supposed to be taken seriously. No need for IMDB you're my IMDB.
(10:42) Fri, 6 Apr 18
End of the effin world is like the best series debut on Netflix, do not , I say DO NOT miss it. Love that. Devilish, wicked and sweet. Check IMDB you'll know.
(16:34) Wed, 4 Apr 18
I have watched each episode of TWD till date but they have literally made me hate it this season. shxt slow.
(16:33) Wed, 4 Apr 18
Wait till you watch the others on the list. If you love dark stuff mixed with fiction check Westworld. Currently watching Silicon Valley.
Quote: outlaw: Stranger things first season was great. I gotta check out that last one.
(03:54) Wed, 4 Apr 18
I have to add a few now.

Mr Robot
Stranger things
End of the f****ing world
(17:07) Mon, 2 Apr 18
1) Ray Donovan
2) Shameless
3) 2 Broke Girls
4) Riverdale
5) Catfish
(17:56) Thu, 4 Jan 18
Kuch Rang Payar Ke Aise Bhi....Beyhaddh.
(09:51) Fri, 21 Jul 17
Quote: EpIcInCoGnItO: These indian soaps are not even a series they are annual movies. smiley

Agreed. Many of us are off without seeing the ends of such serials smiley
(18:41) Fri, 14 Jul 17
No. 1 Game Of Thrones
(16:43) Fri, 14 Jul 17
F.R.I.E.N.D.S..without a doubt
(02:05) Sun, 6 Nov 16
Just like the US
(17:47) Sat, 1 Oct 16
2. CSI Crime Scene Investigation
3. Law & Order
4. Medical Detectives
5. Homicide Hunter
(16:07) Sat, 1 Oct 16
Modern Family, Arrow, Flash, Doctor Who, Friends, The Inbetweeners, TBBT smiley
(09:05) Sun, 4 Sep 16
That's your ISP doing the talking.
Quote: Eeprom:
Update smiley Unfortunately i can get the Directories but when clicking link im redirected to Amazon etc or just pics smiley Perhaps that guy/gal needs change something i found using the "other" way it also only remains valid about a month ish.
We shouldn't grumble as free is a bonus nomatter.
(06:25) Sat, 3 Sep 16