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Hi everyone,

We now have a new YouTube BBcode which allows you to post videos anywhere on the site, albeit with a smaller frame. Here's how to use it:



video_id must be replaced with the ID of the YouTube video which is contained within the URL for that video's page on YouTube. For example here
the ID is KP4Ed3xJ0t8

The BBcode won't work with the whole URL, just the ID smiley
Also, only one video per post will work.
You can use preview to test the video.
You can use the F key to go fullscreen with a desktop browser.

Have fun, and let us know if you have questions!
(01:53) Thu, 19 Nov 15
great idea. i got check this when i need it
(18:42) Wed, 22 Mar 17
(18:50) Sat, 13 Feb 16
Very Nice Sir..
(12:22) Sat, 9 Jan 16
Great site you tube. I love to go there
(02:10) Wed, 25 Nov 15
I wanna share this short movie
(11:58) Thu, 19 Nov 15
Good job sir!
(07:39) Thu, 19 Nov 15
Great its working.
(06:48) Thu, 19 Nov 15
Keeping in mind that not everyone wants to upload and download files to the downloads section I hope this is a boon, specially for webusers. I am not sure how effective this will be on Opera Mini but on smartphones which parse IFRAME this will be pretty easy. smiley
(02:26) Thu, 19 Nov 15