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Do you think earning plusses is really easy these days? Ok! What you think about earning an Award?

Well I bet it wont be easy to earn one!

We are introducing a game 2wap Football Pundit.

Its a simple prediction game. Everyday a match will be put here from either UEFA Euro 2016 or Copa America 2016 , all you have to do is predict the final score of the match. If your prediction is accurate then you will earn 1 point for it. Wrong prediction will result in no points.

The game is completely free to play and everyone can participate including staff and of course Smarty!

Every day you need to predict till the game lasts. At the end, member with the most points will be winner.

Not necessary to play every day but it will surely affect your score tally.

The topic will be closed before kickoff of match everyday so make sure you play as soon as topic opens.


Winner : 2wap Football Pundit Winner Award and 10,000 plusses

Runner Up : 2wap Football Pundit Runner Up Award and 5,000 plusses

All the participants with at least 1 point will get 1,000 plusses each.

Come on! You footballing minds out there,lets predict

Next Match

Portugal v France

Please note that in case of knockout matches , full time score will be considered not penalty shootout score.

(10:19) Sat, 4 Jun 16
Brazil 2 - 0 Ecuador
(17:09) Sat, 4 Jun 16
Brazil 2 - 1 Ecuador
(15:41) Sat, 4 Jun 16
Quote: chocolate.boy: ScoreBoard

match time add bro
(12:54) Sat, 4 Jun 16
Brazil 3 -1 ecuador
(12:50) Sat, 4 Jun 16
Brazil 3 - 0 Ecuador
(11:57) Sat, 4 Jun 16

user#chocolate.boy - 2 pts
user#Robinhood - 0 pts
user#Ruba - 0 pts
user#Sukur - 2 pts
user#ABHIRAJ - 0 pts
user#Ajibola - 0 pts
user#Anom -2 pts
user#Marian - 3 pts
user#Jackie - 1 pts
user#Emily - 2 pts
user#Sheela_M - 1 pts
user#Ragnorak - 0 pts
user#sofiasam -1 pts
user#TemPEST - 0 pts
(10:19) Sat, 4 Jun 16