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The following are the teams in Group D


Spain - 1200+

Croatia - 600+

Czech Republic - 400+

Turkey- 200+

Bidding will start with base price and will go on.

Remember this topic will close on 14th May 2016 at 11:00 IST.The highest bidder at the end of topic will be the owner of that team

Good Luck.
2wap Team.
(17:48) Tue, 10 May 16
Spain 1201
(02:05) Wed, 11 May 16
I came here for to bid my team at 11.30.p.m you already selected the team owner. Wtf smiley
(20:47) Tue, 10 May 16
2wap Euro 2016- Bidding Group C
check this topic you smiley where you added the time?
Only the day 10 may this bidding will close.
10th may end mean 11.49.p.msmiley
useless topic creator.
(20:45) Tue, 10 May 16