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Weve witnessed the rise and fall of so many great
players in the world of football, some before their
retirements achieved almost everything the young
players of today crave for but despite that, they never
won the prestigious UEFA Champions League with
any European team during their playing days.

Totti is one of the most loyal footballers out there
and, arguably one of the finest midfielders.
Francesco Totti is the second highest goal scorer in
the Serie A, at least among those footballers who are
still active. However, Romas captain has never has
the chance to lift the Champions League trophy. Totti
has won a Serie A title in 2001 and the Coppa Italia in
2007 and 2008 and also the World Cup in 2006, but
never the Champions League.

10. Francesco Totti
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The champions league is just one of many cup competitions,nothing more to it
winning series of major league titles is preferable to one UCL trophy

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Here I drop my pen and its your turn all fanatic fans of football on 2wapworld to decide JUST ONE more greatest player who never won The prestigious trophysmiley
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The Brazilian legend is the only player with three
Player of the Year awards that has never won the
Champions League. Il Fenomeno has been one of the
finest players during the late 90s and early 2000s, a
brilliant and a completed striker. Ronaldo won a host
of trophies, including the World Cup and other major
trophies, but never the Champions League. He scored 49 goals in European competitions, but missed the most prestigious trophy.

2. Ronaldo De Lima
(15:43) Wed, 2 Mar 16
Roberto Baggio is perhaps Italys most talented and
finest player of all times, but he has never won the
never Champions League, which is heartbreaking.
Baggio spent five seasons at Juventus and left the Old
Lady in 1995. Alas, Juventus clinched the Champions
League the next year against Borussia Dortmund
after the penalty shootout. People remember his
miss against Brazil in the 1994 World Cup final, but a
Champions League trophy could have altered
peoples perception.

3. Roberto Baggio
(15:40) Wed, 2 Mar 16
The Non-Flying Dutchman was perhaps one of the
finest midfielders during the late 90s and early
2000s. Dennis Bergkamp was a product of Ajax youth
academy and, Arsenal signed him in 1995. Bergkamp
won three Premier League titles and 4 FA Cup titles.
He was part of the Invincibles team during the
2003-2004 season. Dennis Bergkamp never got his
hands on the Champions League trophy, which is

4. Dennis Bergkamp
(15:34) Wed, 2 Mar 16
Ibrahimovic is the only player who has won the
domestic title, be it with Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan,
Barcelona, AC Milan or Paris Saint-Germain, but
somehow has failed to get his hands on the
Champions League trophy. The Swedish striker has
played in the Champions League with all the
aforementioned clubs, but his conversion rate in
Europe has been relatively poor. He is a brilliant
player, but he needs the prestigious trophy if he
wants to be hailed as a legend.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
(15:27) Wed, 2 Mar 16
The former German international might be
considered as the most unlucky footballer. Ballack
collcted more runners-up medals than winners
medals, perhaps more than any other footballer. He
has won several medals, be it in the Premier League,
the Bundesliga, the World Cup and the Euro
Championship, but never as a winner. Ballack come
twice close to clinching the Champions League, in
2002 with Bayer Leverkusen and in 2008 with Chelsea
lost on both occasions

6. Micheal Ballack
(15:24) Wed, 2 Mar 16
The former Czech midfielder was perhaps one of the
finest in his position; he was dubbed The Czech
Cannon for his venomous shots. Pavel Nedved won a
host of titles in the Czech League and in Italy with
Lazio and Juventus respectively. He won the Ballon
dOr in 2003 after a super season with Juventus but
missed out the Champions League final against Milan
at Old Trafford. Nedved was a joy to watch, an
absolutely fantastic player.

7. Pavel Nedved
(15:20) Wed, 2 Mar 16
Ruud Van Nistelrooy is the 4th highest goal scorer in
the Champions League with a total of 56 goals, but
somehow never won the trophy. Van Nisterloy gained
international recognition when he joined Manchester
United in 2001, establishing the reputation as one of
the deadliest strikers. He played for Real Madrid as
well, but his spell at Bernabeu was marked by
frequent injuries.

8. Ruud van Nistelrooy
(15:12) Wed, 2 Mar 16
Buffon is arguably one of the worlds best
goalkeepers, despite being 36 year old. He is one of
the most decorated keepers, having won the
Footballer of the Year Award in 2003, eight times
winner of the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year award.
Buffon came close to winning the Champions League
in 2003 and 2015 against Fc Barcelona and he hopes to win the prestigious trophy
before hanging his boots up.

9. Gianluigi Buffon
(15:10) Wed, 2 Mar 16