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smileyGianni Infantino has today been elected
as the President of FIFA for the
remainder of the current term of office
(until 2019) by the Extraordinary FIFA
Congress held in Zurich. He was elected
as the ninth FIFA President after the
second ballot with 115 of 207 total votes.
In line with the FIFA Statutes, the
mandate of the new FIFA President
started after the conclusion of the

At the beginning of the proceedings, it
was confirmed to the Congress that 207
FIFA member associations were entitled
to vote (the member associations of
Indonesia and Kuwait could not vote due
to their respective suspensions). The
candidate Tokyo Sexwale withdrew from
the election after his address to the

Earlier in the day, the Extraordinary FIFA
Congress approved a set of landmark
reforms to FIFAs governance structure,
including improvements to the
governance of global football, a clear
separation of commercial and political
decision-making, greater scrutiny of
senior officials, and commitments to
women in football and human rights.

Results of the elections for the office
of FIFA President:
Ballot 1:
HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein: 27 votes
Shk. Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa: 85
Jrme Champagne: 7 votes
Gianni Infantino: 88 votes
Ballot 2:
HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein: 4 votes
Shk. Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa: 88
Jrme Champagne: 0 votes
Gianni Infantino: 115 votes

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(19:20) Fri, 26 Feb 16
Quote: Kayli: Good choice smiley

He knows the world is watching him closely and Something tells me he'll turns FIFA a good leaf
(08:44) Sat, 27 Feb 16
Good choice smiley
(23:31) Fri, 26 Feb 16
Quote: TemPEST: Sad one
i vouch for champagne

So you believe in his capability to restructure the football house back to its stato quo?
(19:32) Fri, 26 Feb 16
Sad one
i vouch for champagne
(19:29) Fri, 26 Feb 16
Thanx for sharing swty
(19:23) Fri, 26 Feb 16