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ava Stolen: India didnt lost but gave Respect to Pakistan cricket becoz they were been insulted abused by PPL of Pakistan always😀😁
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Manny Pacquiao says he respects Nike’s decision to sever his contract but stands by his controversial opposition to gay marriage. Pacquiao insists on his views and is happy
“a lot of people were alarmed by the truth"

#ShareYourView on his recent public encounter
(14:14) Fri, 19 Feb 16
Quote: Kayli: Sorry frnd. But i dnt knw him

Lol... Manny pacquiao is a professional boxer who got defeated lately last year by Floyd Mayweather richest sport man and boxersmiley
(21:23) Mon, 22 Feb 16
Sorry frnd. But i dnt knw him
(21:05) Mon, 22 Feb 16