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Michael Schumacher 47yrs. An th former Formula 1 world champion is still suffering frm severe head injuries following his 2013 skiing accident in France on 29Dec. He spend several months in a coma. He was placed in a medical induced coma an months in ICU. He eventually regained consciousness. An tht allow him 2 move 2 a hospital tht is closer 2 his home in Lousanne. Schumi remains immobile. He cant speak, cant walk an hav very limited awareness of his surroundings. He hav a team of 15 medical staff caring 4 him at a special medical suite at him mansion in Switzerland. Its sad 2 see such a brilliant man in tht condition. Prayers go out 2 him an his family smiley
(21:45) Mon, 15 Feb 16
This was such sad news. Get well soon.
(20:02) Wed, 13 Apr 16
So sad get well soon bro...smiley
(01:23) Thu, 18 Feb 16
Thanks for update dearie.... I wonder why some sport men later in life get attacked with such this illness?
Very disheartening.
(16:03) Wed, 17 Feb 16
So sad
(06:34) Tue, 16 Feb 16
Get well soonsmiley
(04:04) Tue, 16 Feb 16
Get well soon Michael!
(02:49) Tue, 16 Feb 16