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Manchester United are one of the worlds biggest clubs.

659 million fans. 116 million social media followers. More than 1bn from sponsors. 20 league titles. 3 European Cups. And from next season, they will get a share of the 71% rise in domestic broadcast revenue, making them the richest club in the world.

Source- "BBC Sport"
(20:15) Thu, 11 Feb 16
dnt undastnd why murinho is appointd as d nxt manager.
(17:12) Fri, 12 Feb 16
They're a great success as a club and as a brand, not quite at their pinnacle on the football pitch though since the days of Alex Ferguson. Having said that, they could finish in the top 4 this season if they do well in the remaining matches.
(00:48) Fri, 12 Feb 16
smiley 4 th info smiley
(23:13) Thu, 11 Feb 16