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Leicester City are now 5 points clear at the top of the table with 13 to play, having won convincingly what was expected to be their toughest match of the season by beating Manchester City 1-3 away.

I think it's clear from this result they really believe in themselves and have what it takes to hold on to the top spot, how about you?
(12:26) Sun, 7 Feb 16
Best wishes
(04:27) Sun, 14 Feb 16
Quote: Whally: dats nt a guarantee 2 winning d title yet
Of course, anything can happen with 3 teams still within easy striking range in the table - Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City. But it'd be no fun to speculate if victory were already assured.
(12:44) Thu, 11 Feb 16
dats nt a guarantee 2 winning d title yet
(10:59) Wed, 10 Feb 16
They're playing quite well nowadays so I hope they'll win....
(11:28) Mon, 8 Feb 16
Tottenham will win the league come may
(22:53) Sun, 7 Feb 16