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AB De Villiers. Do you know him? I think you know him as a cricketer from South Africa and playing for Royal Challanger Bangalore in IPL.

Now know some thing strange about him:-

1. He shortlisted for Jr national hockey squad.
2. He shortlisted for Jr national footbal squad.
3. Captain of South Africa Jr rugby.
4. Hold six south africa school swimming records.
5. The fastest 100mtr time in South Africa junior athletics.
6 . A member of South Africa Jr Davis Cup tennis team.
7. National Badminton U-19 champion.
8. Has a golf handicap of scratch.

And you be thinking ke fir to sala padai me zero hoga and here comes No.
9. Received a national medal from Mandela for a science project.
10. He's the lead singer of a rock band in SA... smiley

Genius is what genius does!
(00:56) Sun, 11 May 14
Great all in one hats off to him..thanks 4 sharing
(03:40) Tue, 27 May 14
Ok,that's nice.
(03:39) Tue, 27 May 14
Wow! nice info. Big applause for Ab De Villers. smiley
(03:27) Tue, 27 May 14
smiley 4 AB DE VILLIERS smiley smiley
(19:24) Mon, 26 May 14
I think he is d only sports person to do so
(06:25) Mon, 26 May 14
(08:47) Fri, 23 May 14
He is a star
(15:42) Thu, 22 May 14
Oh yes AB!
(10:06) Sun, 11 May 14
A real sporting star.. smiley
(04:32) Sun, 11 May 14