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ava Stolen: India didnt lost but gave Respect to Pakistan cricket becoz they were been insulted abused by PPL of Pakistan always😀😁
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Here you can bet each other with team member with your s with simple man on man betting rules !

To avoid conflicts, i'm setting up some rules :

1. Bet only on the result of the Game, like win or loose !
2. The fixed Bet Amount is 250 s please don't bet higher or lower s than 250, it's just about fun, nothing else..
3. To enter in a bet, you need to comment here eg : "i bet for Rajastan Royals win against Chennai today for 250 s"
And if somebody else want to bet against him, Quote his message and Type "I bet for Chennai wins against Rajastan for 250 s"

Done smiley

PS : There are no staff included in this competition, so play fair and be good boy smiley

Game On !

Chennai vs Kolkata

Indian Premier League 2014
May 02, Fri 8:00 PM IST
Betting Time ends at 7:30 PM IST match day
(04:01) Thu, 1 May 14
Match KKR vs SRH
I bet on KKR
(15:28) Fri, 16 May 14
(18:47) Sat, 3 May 14
Quote: Kakaji: csk@250+es
Bet Agreed
(10:28) Thu, 1 May 14
Quote: Basim360: I bet for Kolkata Win at 250+s
(08:38) Thu, 1 May 14
I bet for Kolkata Win at 250+s
(04:07) Thu, 1 May 14
Only 1 bet for each, please don't Quote the comment which already has a confirmed bet...
Confirm your bets yourself as quoting your bet with a comment as "BET AGREED"
(04:06) Thu, 1 May 14