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Welcome to the Bidding park, for bidders-get you credit cards or debit cards out, or cash out. smiley For guests- get some ice cream or pop corn as this is going to be really exciting and enjoyable !! smiley

Bidding for Group 2

Base Price

1. India-500 pluses

2. Pakistan-400 pluses

3. Australia-450 pluses

4. West Indies-475 pluses

1. You can bid for only one team. So please make up your mind.
2. You can bid in the other group only if you don't get a team position here.
3. Anyone found with multiple accounts, your done and disqualified. I will keep a check of all accounts and pluses transfer.
4. The highest bidder becomes the Owner and the second highest the Manager.

Group 2 Bidding Starts on 13th March 4AM IST and closes on 16th March 4AM IST. (Indian Standard Time).

What are you waiting for ? smiley
(16:37) Mon, 10 Mar 14