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ava Stolen: India didnt lost but gave Respect to Pakistan cricket becoz they were been insulted abused by PPL of Pakistan always😀😁
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Welcome to the Bidding park, for bidders-get you credit cards or debit cards out, or cash out. smiley For guests- get some ice cream or pop corn as this is going to be really exciting and enjoyable !! smiley

Bidding for Group 1

Base Price

1. South Africa-450 pluses

2. Sri Lanka- 400 pluses

3. England - 400 pluses

4. New Zealand- 350 pluses

1. You can bid for only one team. So please make up your mind.
2. You can bid in the other group only if you don't get a team position here.
3. Anyone found with multiple accounts, your done and disqualified. I will keep a check of all accounts and pluses transfer.
4. The highest bidder becomes the Owner and second highest the Manager.
5. Any post which is edited will be counted as null and void, will be deleted so make sure you dont edit your posts.

This topic will close on Thursday, 13th March at 4AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

What are you waiting for ? smiley
(15:43) Mon, 10 Mar 14