ava Kimber: If you don't give your man what he wants, another lady will do it for you. They may be lusters but very loyal.
ava Templemow: Can you prove it
ava Kimber: Not all men.....
i saw many advertisements regarding enlargement of penis length'
Have they really any such solutions or fake roads to make money??
what medical science says about such type of improvemet on this subject?
(01:35) Sat, 3 Jun 17
oh my Fanti, hunh i wanna much more lengthy.
(16:54) Sun, 4 Jun 17

Awe, shame! u can go to Dr
They will cut off the inches
(08:30) Sun, 4 Jun 17
yeah swty i wanna improvement,i hv only 7 inch long.
(03:43) Sun, 4 Jun 17

Google is very clever...
you wana try that operation?
(10:19) Sat, 3 Jun 17