ava Kimber: If you don't give your man what he wants, another lady will do it for you. They may be lusters but very loyal.
ava Templemow: Can you prove it
ava Kimber: Not all men.....
These basic guidlines on healthy eating u lower th risk of Heart Disease. RISK FACTORS FOR HEART DISEASE.: #High levels of Cholestrol. Triglyceride's and LDT (Low density lipoprotein) in th blood. #High Blood Presure. #Smoking. #Family history of heart disease. #Overweight and obersity. #Stress. #Lack of exercise. #Lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals. #Diabetes. Be carefull 4 to much salt, it can raise ur Blood presure. REMINDER: U NEED 2 CHECK UR BLOODPRESURE AND CHOLESTROL AND SUGAR LEVELS REGULARLY !!!
(21:44) Sun, 26 Feb 17
Thanks for the info friend.

I'm a veg and eat organic foods only
(20:55) Mon, 27 Feb 17
Informative topic. Nice to share with us. Thanks
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