ava Kimber: If you don't give your man what he wants, another lady will do it for you. They may be lusters but very loyal.
ava Templemow: Can you prove it
ava Kimber: Not all men.....
WHAT IS DEPPRESSION: Deppresion is a severe, disabling condition tht has a profound effect on all aspects of a sufferer's life., as it effects thoughts, moods, feelings, behavier and physical health. By the year 2020 it will b th No2 cause of disability worldwide. Deppression is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. At least one in 6 adults will suffer frm deppresion at any given time. Deppression is viewed as an illness tht is caused by changes in neurotransmitters in th limbic system of the brain. These changes can b triggered by numerous factors such as stressful life events.,..
(23:01) Tue, 6 May 14
I,m depressed but i can handle myself with it......
(01:43) Wed, 7 May 14
THE ROLE OF NEUROTRANSMITTERS: Neurotransmitters ar chemical messengers tht carry messages between neurons (nerve cells) an affect many physical an mental proccesses. They ar released in2 th synapses (gaps) between neurons 2 help messages travel fron one cell 2 another. Two of the neurotransmitters tht play a role in deppression ar SEROTONIN and NORADRENALINE. Low levels of these neurotransmitters in areas of the brain that control mood an emotion may result in Depression.
(23:16) Tue, 6 May 14
Illness such as heart attacts or viral infections, childbirth, strokes an head injuries. Deppression in th 21st century is a treatable condition with an excellent response rate.
(23:05) Tue, 6 May 14