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It is scientifically proved that many of the diseases are becauseof problematic life-style. If you are suffering from sleeplessness, avoid the following

[u]Nighttime snacking
It is noticed many a times that people eat their favourite food items even at late nights. This habit of eating late at night leadsto gastro esophageal reflux disorder. Experts opine that due to this stomach acid returns to the esophagus which results in acid reflux. Ultimately, stomach gets acidic and sleep gets disturbed when you are not at ease.
(01:08) Fri, 28 Dec 12
Working after hours

People work for very long hours in the office and then extend thatat home too. This leads to stress and may become a cause of insomnia. Therefore, avoiding this habit may be helpful in solving the problem of sleeplessness.

Talking too much

People who are busy whole day and find time to talk only at night. The talking is good but heated discussions at night may leave you restless and sleepless.
(01:16) Fri, 28 Dec 12
Exercising very late

The practice of daily exercise is the greatly appreciated by experts. It is noticed that the sound sleep is linked with low body temperature. The temperature of the body increases when you exercise and the metabolism too. Therefore, excercising at the late hours of the day affects your sleep.

Watching too much TV

People watch TV while on the bed and particularly noisy moviesand violent criminal acts which are performed on the TV do not let you relax physically and mentally at night. It is advised that praying, meditating and reading books is helpful in enjoying deep slumber.
(01:13) Fri, 28 Dec 12