ava saahir: Enjoy with Smarty in quiz room @ trycera
ava trycera: Computer enjoy holiday
ava saahir: Smarty enjoying Holidays smiley
st. Teressa open chess tournament starting from 1st dec. 2016 at Gaziabad. i m participating. hope ll do better than last edition.
(04:20) Wed, 30 Nov 16
i won 5 games drew 2 n lost one. not too gud but ok.
(19:46) Tue, 6 Dec 16
i drew third game and won 4th game. thus i hv 3.5/4. top seed IM D K Sharma is also on 3.5/4. four more games to be played. total 8 games.
(17:22) Fri, 2 Dec 16
thnx my fanti jacki. muaah
(15:58) Thu, 1 Dec 16
Well done!! smiley
(14:59) Thu, 1 Dec 16
Congrats swty smiley
(14:58) Thu, 1 Dec 16
there are more thn 380 players . today there were 2 games n i won both.
(14:54) Thu, 1 Dec 16