ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to tanmoy1953 for the correct answer.
ava tanmoy1953: Zero
ava Smarty: The kelvin temperature scale has -273C as it's starting point. This is known as? (4 chars)
with 2844 rating points world chess champion Magnus Carlsen leading the field at continued to be at no. one rank.
with 2801 rtg. points Vladimir Kramnik is on second place.
3rd rank Anish Giri 2798 rtg
4rh rank Levon Aronian 2792 rtg.
5th rank Fabio Caruana 2787 rtg.
6th Hikaru Nakamura 2787 rtg.
7th Maxime Vachier Lagrave 2785 rtg
8th rank Vishwanathan Anand 2784 rtg
9th rank Veselin Topalov 2780 rtg.
10th rank Vesley So 2773 rtg.
(16:14) Thu, 4 Feb 16