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Currently, we are using a very generic set of chess icons for our Chessboards feature. I would like us to have our own distinct style for the chess piece designs, or more than one design even (there could be a style option when creating the board).

This is where you come in. Create your own piece designs and upload them here, and if we're impressed they will become a permanent part of our chessboards.

What we need:
1. ORIGINAL designs for each of the chess piece icons with a matching style. You may also design the precise colour for the light and dark squares

2. Image size should be approx. 44x44 in dimensions

3. Each piece design should be submitted on a seperate image, one with a dark square background and one with a light square background, like this
image1# image2#

4. Images for the empty squares (1 light and 1 dark) also required in the same 44x44 dimensions.

If we use your design your nickname will be credited on the information page and you will receive a reward of 5000 pluses!
(02:44) Thu, 20 Aug 15
G ...OGO
(11:08) Sun, 29 Nov 15