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2WapWorld Privacy Policy:

Cookies: 2WapWorld uses cookies to maximise the convenience of browsing the site. These record basic session details such as your username, password, browser and user id to keep you logged in to the site. No information is passed on to third parties or used for any purpose other than to provide you an easy experience. By using this site, you consent to cookies recording the aforementioned data.

Email addresses: Your email address will be stored exclusively for the purposes of: a) verifying you as a legitimate user, b) for verifying your identity in case you need to request a new password, c) allowing other members to search for you by email address, d) allowing buddies and administrators to view your email address in your profile, and e) sending you important site messages on a very occasional basis (e.g. for your birthday). You may remove your email address from the database at any time by editing your profile via Cpanel+Settings, however please note that by doing this it may not be possible for us to reset your password should you forget it.

When you send emails via our email service, the recipients' email addresses are stored for the sole purpose of providing a convenient address book for you. You may delete any email addresses from your contacts list (and thus our database) at any time, however if you send another email to the same address it will be stored again.

Your date of birth: Your date of birth is stored exclusively for the purposes of: a) verifying your age, b) displaying your name and age in the public birthday list and sending you an automated greeting on your birthday, c) allowing users to search for you by your birthday or part of your birth date, and d) displaying your age in your profile. You may remove your date of birth from the database at any time by editing your profile via Cpanel+Settings.

Your name: Should you choose to add it when editing your profile, your real name will be stored for the sole purpose of adding your name automatically to emails you send via our send email service. You may remove your name from the database at any time by editing your profile again via Cpanel+Settings.

Your Google maps location: Should you choose to use this feature, a link to a map with the approximate location you have selected will be displayed in your profile. This map can be as general as a country or a more local area depending on your selection. This information is not used by us for any other purpose and may be removed or changed by you.

Disclaimer: Any personal information you choose to share about yourself with other members on this site, either through public or private features, is entirely your responsibility and accepts no liability for any issues arising from this. However any information you share will not be used by 2WapWorld for any purposes other than the free services we provide on this site.

In the unlikely event you lose access to your account for any reason, you may email to remove any of the above details from our database providing there is satisfactory evidence that you are the account holder.

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