fischer random world chess champio by zugzwang 2019/10/05 06:27
quarterfinalists are declared after long primary stages of 1st fischewer random chess championship, three players will advance to semi and current world champ join them to complete thr 4 player semi final stage.

zugzwang 2015/06/29 05:15
GM Abhijeet Gupta crushed Deep Sen in the 7th round of commonwealth chess championship
zugzwang 2015/06/29 08:40
humpy withdrew from commonwealth chess..
zugzwang 2015/06/29 08:41
gm abhijeet gupta leading the feild aftr 7 rounds in commonwealth chess

zugzwang 2015/06/29 10:53
WGM Padmini Raut leading in women section in commonwealth chess
Crownstar 2015/06/30 06:11
Great work bro /smiley
Lil wayne 2015/06/30 08:19
Quote: zugzwang: chess was not so rich during d 14th century to 18th century as it is today. before 14th century games r not available in data base. playing style of chess in 14th to 18th centuy is known as Romantic period..
ya das tru

zugzwang 2015/06/30 08:37
during romantic period the players tried to launch an all out attack on opposing king even at the cost of force deficit..the defesive skills was weak in those hey days. the pioneers of Romantic chess were Adolf Aderson, Paul Morphy. la Bardenious .
jaQui 2015/07/01 01:04
Nice to have a champ here/smiley
keep it up swty.

jaQui 2015/07/01 01:07
Great master! Keep it up!
jaQui 2015/07/01 01:22
Nice info.rose.
NinthElement 2015/07/01 16:17
Indeed, many sports professionals benefit from analysing replays of their matches, directly or indirectly through coaching, and in no field is this more apt than in chess. Sometimes a position can have the potential for so many possibilities, and richly deserve to be explored through analysis. That's something easily possible here as a new board can be made from any poisition.
zugzwang 2015/07/01 19:06
yeah its true and every single position in chess hs many unexplored posibilities to be explored
jaQui 2015/07/07 15:57
jaQui 2015/07/07 17:30
Thanx for sharing nice info.
zugzwang 2015/07/07 17:40
thanx jacki
saahir 2015/07/08 04:37
Thanks for sharing with us.
jaQui 2015/07/08 05:08
Robinhood 2015/07/08 05:36
Ya v.anand trully genius
Crownstar 2015/07/09 10:24
nice though
Crownstar 2015/07/09 10:27
thanks for sharing

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