fischer random world chess champio by zugzwang 2019/10/05 06:27
quarterfinalists are declared after long primary stages of 1st fischewer random chess championship, three players will advance to semi and current world champ join them to complete thr 4 player semi final stage.

zugzwang 2015/08/27 04:21
initial step in d game is Move center pawns.
devlop forces towards d center.
castle soon.
dont devlop Queen early without adequate reason.
NinthElement 2015/08/27 14:44
The King, moves 1 square in any direction but cannot move to any square where it can be captured immediately. The object of the game is to place the opposing King under attack in such a way that it cannot escape.

A special move is available for the King and Rook called Castling, this can only be played once per game by each side. If the squares between a King and a Rook are vacant, and there are no opposing pieces threatening those squares, and neither the King nor the relevant Rook have moved yet, and the King is not in check, then the King can move 2 squares sideways towards that Rook, while the Rook moves to the other side of the King (2 squares left for Kingside castling, or 3 squares right for Queenside castling).

zugzwang 2015/10/17 03:23
Quote: Ragnorak: Win 5, draw 2, lose 2 (one loss was to the only grandmaster competing). Great going bro /smiley
yeah thus u were following udaipur turnament./smiley.exactly i won 5 drew 2 & lost 2
zugzwang 2015/10/17 03:32
Quote: Ragnorak: Win 5, draw 2, lose 2 (one loss was to the only grandmaster competing). Great going bro /smiley
i missed a chance of draw with GM nd went on to lose rook ending. ovrall a good turnament for me
ABHIRAJ 2015/12/05 01:40
All the best...
zugzwang 2015/09/30 18:18
Quote: zugzwang: Udaypur hosting an international open FIDE Rated chess tournament from oct.9 2015.
The event ll be held in different catagories..
participants list..and results r/ll be available at
zugzwang 2015/09/30 18:19
i m participating in top elite group
zugzwang 2015/09/30 19:08
Quote: Ragnorak: Enjoy bro and best of luck.
thanx bro. u played very good chess with me here dat boosted my confidence..nd i hope i ll do much betr thn before at Udaypur.
NinthElement 2015/09/30 18:41
Quote: zugzwang: i m participating in top elite group
Enjoy bro and best of luck.
Robinhood 2016/03/06 17:19
Quote: zugzwang: who was 2nd official world chess champion?

Emanuel Lasker
* 2nd World Champion *
1894 - 1921
zugzwang 2016/03/06 19:06
Quote: Robinhood:
Emanuel Lasker
* 2nd World Champion *
1894 - 1921
NinthElement 2015/08/25 13:36
Quote: zugzwang: due to insufficient participation nd weak response,i m sadly going to close dis puzzle contest series. it is last puzzle of the marrow i ll declare d result of dis puzzle
Try attaching the image of the chess board in the topic for such puzzles. I will see about creating a bbcode to link directly to boards too.
NinthElement 2015/08/25 13:44
Quote: zugzwang: seemingly illegal check in d final position of game no.694. coz how cn white deliver double check?
BUT THERE IS AMAZING answer -by retro analysis it cn be proved. white's pawn was on g5 nd aftr Black' f7 to f5 pawn move White captured it e.p. dat is gxf6.
I might have gotten it but the last move info on the board confused me

Move info: White moved a Bishop from g2 to e4, capturing a Pawn
_dreamprince_ 2014/09/04 02:59
Great !
CorbettRaven 2014/09/04 05:58
Well done sayang :'/smiley Sayang are the best... Hope to see more improvements to come.
Lelsi 2014/09/04 14:40
Good work Liam /smiley, I'm not really into chess but those you like it will love the improvements..
ladyme 2014/09/04 17:36
Bravo mon grande amie /smiley
Rohan786 2014/09/05 06:40
-LILY- 2014/09/05 12:55
great work...
NinthElement 2014/09/07 20:42
The way the board is displayed has now been upgraded, which should make it smoother to load and compatible with almost any phone (or web) browser. You will also be able to download the image of the board from any position. Note this change will not be apparent on old games unless a new move is made.

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