Best friend or Lover ? by Sushivas 2019/07/24 14:18
I have question that, in live life what is most important person require A Best friend or Loving person forever or Both ? In case of boy or girl.
I am waiting for reply from 2wapworld buddies
Alebi 2019/07/24 16:38
Both of them, if thei are trustfull people
Arushi 2019/07/24 17:40
Sushivas 2019/07/24 17:42
saahir 2019/07/24 18:50
Without love friendship is without life.
Maryam 2019/07/24 19:59
There can't be friendship without love, both need the other to make it work.
Arushi 2019/07/24 21:26
We choose friends but the life partner chooses our fate..!!
I don't agree. If you have strong will power you can choose your life partner and get married.

TemPEST 2019/07/24 22:13
The most required,is a loving buddy without trust issues
jaQui 2019/08/15 20:41
Yeah both
Cuddlemouse 2019/08/16 11:19
I find meaningful friendships more Important. Relying on one partner doesn't build a social network like we need in life - it can even isolate us from others. Friendships, if they're good, will grow and sometimes even lead to more friendships.
Cuddlemouse 2019/08/16 11:26

itzmhizyolanda 2019/08/17 23:29
Without trust relationship won't work,also among frds we still need to trust.
So both frds nd relationship needs trust

deepak.rj 2019/08/19 12:44
best friend as well as lover
zugzwang 2019/08/19 14:23
priti4 2019/08/19 14:35
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