When someone close to u dies by saab 2010/01/05 01:07
Do u believe that he can see u and hear u without u feeling him or her?

Most of us believe in d AFTERLIFE, so tell d version that u believe in?
TheMouse 2010/01/05 01:36
My thought is that the beings which we used to know as a person are busy getting on, and won't have much time to hover around and watch us. Souls travel, but that's what they are - souls, not spooks.
xHasanx 2010/01/05 02:08
Idk but my mami saiz souls gotta visits on every thrsday to the place whre they had been lived their lives /smiley
fu9it1v3 2010/01/05 01:28
Id rather he can not see me and forget me. I know seeing me mourning and grieving will hurt him so much. But I do believe he visits me every once in a while. /smiley
-linda- 2010/01/05 01:30
Yes i believe dey stay wth us /smiley
Laketempest 2010/01/05 01:22
Yep. You can sense or feel them at times
_dreamprince_ 2010/01/05 01:41
Ya i belive and if i think of them its like they r in my heart and near me all the time
EllaiZa 2010/01/05 05:01
I believe s0uls are just ar0und r0aming, h0w I wish I c0uld t0uch and talk to them,like my dad he has been in the grace of god f0r a l0ng years but stil Im missing him so much...
_vIsHaL_ 2010/01/05 07:58
Ya i believe tat they r wit us..
attitude_gal 2010/01/11 06:36
my granny died at my house and i can still feel her presence at times mostly at night my mother feels its nonsense but i know very well she is there and she can c me
Bangali 2010/05/11 09:47
Yes.And I believe fully in afterlife.
Fluxion 2011/02/06 18:08
Yes i believe dey stay wth us
_ShAnE_StArK_ 2015/05/02 08:49
Yes I believe they stay with us...
Tweetums 2019/06/11 06:56
I think energy is never lost and whatever it is that gives us 'life' is quite possibly transformed into some other form. What that may be I think is beyond human comprehension. I certainly don't believe in a heaven and hell in any conventional sense but I firmly believe we live on in the minds of those who were close to us, in some form. Is whatever that form is capable of sending us 'signs', of sending messages via a spiritual medium? Well, quite possibly. I don't know.
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