When someone close to u dies by saab 2010/01/05 01:07
Do u believe that he can see u and hear u without u feeling him or her?

Most of us believe in d AFTERLIFE, so tell d version that u believe in?

jaQui 2017/12/02 06:18
I don't believe in this, not true!
heartkiller 2017/12/02 03:52
I don't believe in it and I have never experienced or watch it
tRuEbLuE 2017/11/30 20:26
Quote: latrine: hello berni

Hi there!

tRuEbLuE 2017/11/30 02:59
Yes i always dream. They say what we thought of before going to bed or what we experience during the day is connected to our dreams. But what i dont understand is why do i still dream of my high school love /smiley
i_am_what_i_am 2018/01/16 00:01
I wanna buy some ghost for sale /smiley
i_am_what_i_am 2018/01/15 23:53
Sometimes i dont trust my hunch but later on it comes true. We just have to believe in ourselves.
i_am_what_i_am 2018/01/15 23:41
I have not finished reading but its interesting. Will continue to read all.
_dreamprince_ 2017/09/04 03:33
Will call my pet /smiley and try it
still.loving 2017/09/03 18:17
I dont think so
InternetLord 2017/07/30 04:05
saheedus 2017/06/17 13:57
well I wish 2 be anyone of d 2 neither vampire nor warewolf.
saheedus 2017/06/17 13:45
well only ALMIGHT ALLAH knows all what mans doesn't know in this earth & beyond.
aprillia 2017/06/03 10:33
trakkerterrorist 2017/05/20 16:27
great thought
saahir 2017/05/16 18:53
str.jvd 2017/05/02 18:47
Nice on
trakkerterrorist 2017/04/07 21:13
great info
trakkerterrorist 2017/04/07 21:12
nice information
David.adams 2017/04/06 20:17
Quote: TinHeart: [ale] i don't really know,i have to get to my coffin,get some sleep an think about it! /smiley

Can u change me before u sleep?

David.adams 2017/04/06 20:14
Vampires Coz They R More Powerful Than Wolves

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