When someone close to u dies by saab 2010/01/05 01:07
Do u believe that he can see u and hear u without u feeling him or her?

Most of us believe in d AFTERLIFE, so tell d version that u believe in?

Rango 2019/07/29 12:26
This is very mystical. Never heard of it before
Tweetums 2019/06/16 02:57
Third eye is a metaphor for how you live your life, not an unseen eye that sees visions or something.
Tweetums 2019/06/14 15:11
This is amazing. OMG
Tweetums 2019/06/13 11:06
I experienced some paranormal things as a child, that were really confusing to me until I was an adult.
Tweetums 2019/06/12 15:41
I've had or heard of many such examples, that if I list them all, people would think I certainly have an overactive imagination.
Tweetums 2019/06/12 15:37
My dark side is very grey. I believe very firmly in the concepts of freedom and equality. The simplest interpretation is that you can do anything you want so long as you don't step on the freedom of others.
Tweetums 2019/06/11 06:56
I think energy is never lost and whatever it is that gives us 'life' is quite possibly transformed into some other form. What that may be I think is beyond human comprehension. I certainly don't believe in a heaven and hell in any conventional sense but I firmly believe we live on in the minds of those who were close to us, in some form. Is whatever that form is capable of sending us 'signs', of sending messages via a spiritual medium? Well, quite possibly. I don't know.
Tweetums 2019/06/11 03:21
I think horoscope should not be believed by any individuals as it makes the way for superstition and prevent you from starting hard work. I think one should always believe in hard work and nothing else.
Tweetums 2019/06/10 05:00
I believe in fooling the mind and manipulation if that's what you mean.
Tweetums 2019/06/10 04:52
So you are about vastu compliant door. I dont believe that a non Vastu compliant house or door can cause negative effects. In that case, US, Europe, who are totally vastu ignorant, should have never made such progress. Saying that if a house is non vastu compliant, staying in it will cause problems, is pure fear mongering.
Tweetums 2019/06/10 03:05
Nothing can predict the future, and so can't dreams!
Tweetums 2019/06/09 16:35
I can't choose a particular favourite, because they shift around with my mood as does a song, or a picture, but one I was particularly fond of as a child was 'The Magic Porridge Pot', or whatever it was called.
Tweetums 2019/06/09 11:42
I have heard a lot of people ask about this actually, I used to think it was only me. This is a very common hypnagogic reaction and I've heard it is related to the body discharging excess electrical charge into the nervous system before it can relax into sleep...
Tweetums 2019/06/09 11:30
I don think so, they may well have a base somewhere else. it explains why we have such a large number of UFO sightings here on earth..
Tweetums 2019/06/08 16:29
None of them but my worst fear is heights... but only outside with nothing around me. I have no problems with Airplanes or looking of the top of high buildings....
Tweetums 2019/06/08 05:51
Lol, for good reason. I know the answer to the question posed, but won't answer it. Sorry
Tweetums 2019/06/08 05:49
If Aliens didn't exist, we'd have to invent them.
Tweetums 2019/06/08 05:45
I would love to believe but I don't.
Tweetums 2019/06/07 11:01
Haven't had any for a long time tbh.
Tweetums 2019/06/06 16:08
I think it is to hard to say one way or another.

Really if things are planned out would we really know? no.
If the entire universe was based around chaos would we really know? no.
If we create our own destiny would we really know? no.
Trying to pin-point our existance is an endless journey. Instead I would consider more important to live right "now". There is no past or future, no destiny fate or chaos. Only right now.

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